March 2020

Now is the time we all need to look after our immune systems so I thought I would share with you my diary of my first ever juice cleanse towards the end of last year as I am now thinking of doing another one.

I had never experienced any type of cleanse ritual but having moved to the coast a few years ago I have found much more focus on health and wellbeing and I was eager to give a juice cleanse a go. So, I navigated my way through a Google search of juice cleanses and came upon ‘Plenish’, an award winning, plant-powered drinks brand delivered straight to your door.  


‘London’s best Juice Cleanse’     


There are different levels and programmes available to choose from. I decided it was probably the most sensible, as a first timer, to go for the ‘Level 1 Cleanse – The Beginner’. This included 6 juices per day and you can decide the how many days you want to cleanse for, from 1 day through to 7. It is quite pricey so I ordered for 3 days figuring I would be hallucinating about pizza and red wine by the end of day 3!

All the juices arrive in one delivery so you need some allocated space in your fridge!  Each juice contains distinctive benefits which are to be drank at certain times of the day. The bottles are labelled 1 to 6 and come with a small booklet with guidance on when to have each one throughout the day, tips (half your no. 6 drink and save the rest for later in the evening), Q&A’s, a cheat sheet (if you desperately need solid food Plenish recommend 1/4 cucumber or 2 celery sticks etc.  

No caffeine recommended (gulp!)

Day 1

I weighed myself at 77.4kg (I’m 5ft 11″) 

I had a hot water and lemon each day on waking up as recommended.

I also had two extra shots during the day – a Ginger Ninja (ginger and apple cider vinegar) one in in the morning and one in the afternoon just to keep the hunger pangs at bay and give me a bit of energy when it was waning.

8am – Juice 1 ‘Lift’

Known as ‘Green Goodness’ and made up of pear, cucumber, romaine, spinach, kale, basil and broccoli . The initial taste was not pleasant but after a few sips wasn’t that bad at all but left an after taste of plants!

My tummy rumbled at 9.30am!


10am – Juice 2 ‘Shield’

My mid morning juice containing apple, carrot, lemon and ginger, known as the ‘Immunity’ drink.   The carrot and ginger taste was overwhelming but the lemon showed it face becoming the stronger ingredient then the taste apple. A really lovely refreshing drink.

Tummy rumbles at 12pm!


12pm – Juice 3 ‘Boost’

Lunchtime juice for ‘Brain Power’ included spinach, parsley, romaine, kale, cucumber, pear, lemon and ginger. This had a bitter taste and immediately I could taste the parsley and cucumber followed by the pear. It had a very veggy after taste worse than the ‘Lift’ juice. The lemon and ginger were not apparent.

2pm – Juice 4 ‘Kick’

This was by far my favourite juice known as ‘Zingy Vitality’  intended for  the mid afternoon slump – lemon, red chilli, lime, coconut nectar.   I could really taste the chilli and lime and this time no after taste – yay!!

4pm – Juice 5 ‘Pump’

Oh dear!  My least favourite ‘Fitness Fuel’ – beetroot, cherry, lime and carrot.   I didn’t like this one at all the first time I drank it but then I don’t like beetroot in its raw state (I love marinated beetroot though). Not a pleasant taste, very earthy and took me about half an hour to drink it!

No hunger pangs since 12pm. However I felt tired and cold in the afternoon and had to have a nap. I was also weeing a lot more than ususal!


6pm  Advice

Plenish recommend treating yourself to a post work yoga class or massage – I did neither as I didn’t really have the energy!

8pm – Juice 6 ‘Savour’

‘Savour’ not a juice but a nut milk containing cashew, cacao, vanilla, maca, dates, cinnamon and Himalayan salt – antioxidant protection. I think this one was to keep you going through the night. It was a creamy chocolaty dream after a full day of juicing…it was delicious!

10pm  Advice

If you are feeling tired, Plenish recommend an early night….which I did on both accounts!

Day 2


Juice 1 – ‘Lift’

This tasted so much better than yesterday.


Juice 2 – ‘Shield’

This gave me a little bit of a boost today.

Then I drank a green tea mid morning but still felt tired and had hunger pangs about 11.30am.


Juice 3 – ‘Boost’

I could really taste the cucumber today and it didn’t taste as bitter, it was actually quite refreshing.

By 1pm I succumbed to some cucumber (you are allowed to have cucumber or celery if required).

I had a headache in the afternoon.



Juice 4 – ‘Kick’

This is still my favourite and it felt like it had much more of a chilli kick to it today.



Juice 5 – ‘Pump’

Still tasted earthy but not a bad as yesterday – I didn’t gag this time…..result!!

I had a salad tonight but felt a bit strange. Couldn’t put my finger on it.



Juice 6 – ‘Savour’

Yum….I could really taste the chocolate.

I was tired this evening but my headache had gone.

This was the worst day for feeling hungry but faded away by the third day.

Day 3

I now I sound like Big Brother!!

Weight – 75.3kg

All the juices tasted lovely today. The chilli in Juice 4 ‘Kick’ was immense. I even enjoyed and finished Juice 5 ‘Pump’ – I couldn’t believe it! It just goes to show how your tastebuds can be changed in such a short amount of time.




I experienced a lot of very short dreams for the 3 nights but slept ok.  

Glowing skin….Hmm…not so convinced but I reckon you need to do this for a longer period of time or more regularly  to reap more benefits.

My tastebuds became more aware of flavours after a day and by day three  I really enjoyed all the different plant tastes in the juices.  

Apart from the caffeine withdrawal headache I was left with,  I feel like I have more energy and I’m not craving sugar at all, just a bacon sandwich and coffee!!

The booklet also contains post cleanse tips including how to introduce solids mindfully and a few breakfast recipes.  

I hope my experience may have swayed you to try a juice cleanse. It really was worth it and I would definitely recommend using Plenish.  I might order another cleanse soon but maybe for 5 days (if I can cope without the coffee and wine!).