Did you know that the people you who you come in to contact with daily judge you on how you look whether subconsciously or consciously?

So, to really nail your style and make a lasting impression whether it be professionally or casually, I recommend having a colour consultation and an evaluation of your physique.

Colour Analysis

Colours can affect your wellbeing, confidence and influence your overall mood as well as alter how people react to you.
Wearing the wrong hues can affect your complexion, it can make you look older, tired and wash out.

However, the right colours can make a dramatic difference.

Style is about self expression so if there is a colour that you love I’m not going to rule it out but instead show you how you can wear it by being mindful of other colours that can work together with it.

How does this service unfold:


We will use a series of drapes against your skin to compare and identify the colour palette that you should be wearing based on your natural colouring – hair, skin tone and eyes.


I will advise you of the colours it is best to avoid and show you how to wear your neutral and accent colours when choosing your shirts, jackets, that ‘killer detail’ piece etc.
This service is held at your home to ensure we have the best natural light to obtain accurate results.

Male Physique Evaluation

Whether you have a slim athletic build like David Beckham,  tall like Ryan Reynolds, small like Danny Devito, broad like James Corden, muscular like Chris Hemsworth or thin like Daniel Day lewis it is important to wear clothes and fabrics that you know will complement your physique.

In our session I will determine your body type, advise which styles will suit you and those to avoid.

I will also suggest labels and shops that best cater for your physique thus removing any stress and time associated with finding the the right brands.

How does this service unfold:


We will look at your physique and study your proportions to determine which styles and cuts will work best for you.


To create that perfectly balanced look, I will advise you of fabrics, textures and patterns that will work for your physique to maximise your best attributes and disguise those that you are not so confident about. It is all about understanding how to create that optical illusion.

The result…..a more professional and co-ordinated you.