So, how do you know which products will work best for you?

This is where The Quintessential Stylist service can assist.   I have an insane passion for beauty and how it can help you lift your spirits, your self-esteem and increase your confidence.

As a trained make-up artist I can analyse your skin type and recommend a skin care routine just for you as well as offer advice on how to apply your make up to enhance your glow, not detract from it and which colours will compliment your skin tone.  I can even recommend hair care products best suited to your hair type.

Why choose the Quintessential Stylist as your skincare/make-up advisor?

I take into consideration any concerns you may have, your lifestyle, how much time you wish to spend on your skincare and beauty routine each day, your budget, what your beauty goals are, and your overall look.   As a result I create a bespoke beauty routine just for you.

How does this service unfold?

Initial Consultation

We discuss your requirements either over the phone, social media or Zoom


I will determine your skin type (in person or via Zoom) and recommend a daily / weekly beauty regime


I will recommend and/or purchase the best products suited to your skin.

Prices start from £60 per hour