What is mindfulness?

We have all heard of the term mindfulness but not everyone is aware of what is actually involved in this practice.

It can help calm a busy mind.  With stressful work days, multiple to-do lists and social media it can feel like your world is spinning.  Mindfulness will help you to relax and calm your thoughts.

It is a way to be thoughtful of the present moment through a number of channels such as meditation, yoga, and breathing.   It allows you to be considerate of your thoughts and feelings and manage them without being overpowered.

Treat yourself to a few minutes of calm each day to relieve stress and reduce anxiety.

How does mindfulness fit in with my life?

Mindfulness can help you through stressful times, improve focus and allow you to address any difficulties you might be experiencing.

It has helped me by improving my work productivity, concentration, overcoming depression and anxiety and overall living a more healthy lifestyle.

So I am using my Journal to share with you my mindfulness sources and the many ways you can practice this technique.

I’d love to hear about which mindfulness practices and sources work for you.