How would you feel if I could make your mornings less stressful?

I can alter how you feel every morning by offering you the luxury of tailoring your wardrobe so that you can clearly identify what pieces you have making it possible for you to make quick outfit decisions for your day.  Your mornings will be transformed!  Some people are even known to call this service a ‘cleanse’.  I think of it as a ‘style cleanse’.

  • Are you an emotional shopper?
  • Do you use shopping to get you out of a bad mood, a hard day at work, not feeling good about yourself and the result is a wardrobe of full of fast fashion that you rarely wear?
  • Do you stare at your closet, every day, and think, “I have nothing to wear?”
  • Do you want to help putting together outfits from your current wardrobe?

Discovering your signature style

I will help you curb your emotional spending habits and focus your attention on quality, long lasting pieces which will lead to you discovering your signature style. You will be able to dress better for the life you lead.

Whatever your requirements, with my Wardrobe Edit Service you will have a de-cluttered, efficient and organised  wardrobe with pieces that flatter your bodyshape and skin tone that will match your lifestyle.

You can even go one step further with this service by pairing it with a full Colour Consultation and/or Bodyshape Analysis.

How does this service unfold?


We will assess why you dislike certain pieces in your wardrobe, why you truly love others and what makes you feel good and bad about yourself, which silhouettes flatter your body the best and the colours that suit your skin type.

Each piece will be allocated to one of these categories….. Store, keep, sell or donate.

The QS’s Luxury Selling Service can arrange for those unwanted pieces to be sold or donated to charity.


Together we will curate a shopping list of items that we need to replenish or add to with any investment pieces to create that perfect capsule wardrobe. This will then make it possible for you to put together brand new, stylish outfits that will maximise your wardrobe to suit your lifestyle.

I will create new looks from your existing pieces that you may not have thought of and add items to the shopping list, i.e. accessories, that will complement your current pieces.


You can then decide if you wish to proceed to the next stage, by choosing the personal shopping service or employ my e-styling service.

If it is more convenient, I can offer my Style Concierge service whereby I will purchase the items  on your shopping list and arrange for them to be delivered directly to you either at home or the office.


On completion you will have a wardrobe that is the heart of your own personal style allowing you to be inspired and thus make quick and easy outfit decisions at the start of each day.

Contact The QS to book your Wardrobe Edit and discover how it can build your confidence, de-stress your life and save precious time each day.

Want the style cleanse effect?

Prices start from £195 for 3 hours and £60 per hour, thereafter


Ongoing service

I keep a confidential record of your profile so if you decide to employ my services in the future, I will already know your style, what works for you, your measurements, preferential brands, colours etc.  So, if you suddenly decide you need a new resortwear wardrobe, that special occasion outfit or a seasonal update….I am able to assist without the need for another face to face consultation.