Do you believe?

I have always been destined to follow a spiritual path.

As far back as I can remember, my mother always explored alternative therapies for most of our life experiences. She would give me crystals to carry with me for luck during exams and job interviews and others for positivity, confidence, love and success.     When I was going through turbulent times, she arranged for me to see psychics and bought me books about angels and positive thinking.

All of her spiritual guidance kept me grounded and happy.

It is comforting to know that when I am going through a difficult time, I can turn to one of these sources either for guidance or positive thinking.

Now, when I see a feather  in my path I know that there is an angel looking over me or  if I see a robin I know that my spirits are around to guide me.   Some people think I’m crazy to believe but these thoughts can be a soothing presence and a sign of comfort to me.

So, in the hope it may help others and bring some form of comfort to you I have chosen to share my favourite books, rituals and spiritual practices.


Worry is a prayer to chaos

Gabriella Bernstein