Hello! I’m Nicky Waters, founder of The Quintessential Stylist.  I am a qualified professional Personal Stylist and Make-up Artist who studied at the London College of Style where I acquired my Personal Styling and Beauty Make-up Diplomas.  It was here that I was introduced to the different disciplines of styling ranging from commercial fashion shoots to runway but I soon realised that my passion was for  personal styling and beauty.

My style Influencers

My fashion and beauty story began with the styling influences of the men and women in my life. My mother, grandmother, aunts and uncles all inspired me in different ways with their impeccable style, elegance, beauty, and poise.

However, it was my grandmother who was my personal styling icon.  She always looked flawless in luxurious and timeless pieces attributable to her well-defined focus when it came to style. She always chose quality pieces over quantity; a belief I have inherited. This shows in the sustainable fashion I handpick for clients today.

“I choose luxury clothing versus fast fashion, just as my grandmother did.”

My signature style

I even remember her saving to buy the most luxurious designer clothing, skincare and makeup which resulted in her always looking immaculate without being fussy or overdone, no matter if it was a casual gathering or a formal occasion.

You can see my grandmother’s influence in my signature style today. I am an aficionado of quiet luxury and minimalism and I take her fashion mantra of choosing chic, classic, high-end pieces that last for years to come and then add a modern twist to achieve that effortless look.

Distinctive Style

My muse and passion for men’s fashion came from my two uncles, who both owned very distinct styles. One uncle had a fondness for tweed, knickerbockers and a flat cap. It was a classic country look identifiable with him along with the largest pipe I have ever seen to this day! This distinctive style made an instant impression and a very memorable one at that.

My other uncle always wears a neckerchief styled with a jumper, shirt or blazer. This accessory is his ‘killer detail’ and ties his outfit together making him look refined and elegant, even while sporting the most causal looks.

Having a signature style speaks volumes to those you encounter, socialise, and work with. It is a powerful, silent expression of who you are and where you want to go. It tells a potential investor or partner more about you than you realise.

Why choose The Quintessential Stylist for your lifestyle, beauty, and fashion needs?

If you want to discover your own unique identity through fashion, beauty or wellness then let The Quintessential Stylist assist you whether it be with a wardrobe edit, personal shopping, style/gift concierge, beauty/grooming advice or wellness.

The result…… an effortless, modern, polished style that works both for your professional and personal life. A style that is customised, just for you.