Do you want a more efficient and organised wardrobe?

  • Need help putting together different outfits from your current wardrobe?

  • Want a total style overhaul or just try something new?

  • Does your wardrobe no longer reflect your current  lifestyle?

Tailoring your wardrobe ensures that you will be able to clearly identify each piece you own.  It is then possible for you to make quick and simple outfit decisions for your day.

Together we will determine if your wardrobe is performing well for you.  If not, why not? Does it suit your colouring, your physique,  your lifestyle, your personal style?

Whatever your requirements, with my Wardrobe Edit Service you will achieve a streamlined, de-cluttered, more efficient and organised wardrobe.   You will own pieces that suit your physique and colouring and match your lifestyle.

How does this service unfold?


A simple confidential client information form is e-mailed to you.  This allows me to build a profile for you and narrow down your wardrobe preferences, brands you already wear, measurements, any specific concerns etc.


Together we will review each piece in your wardrobe.  Keep those that work for you and remove those that don’t’ fit the criteria.

The remainder will be removed and either sold or donated (Ask about my Luxury Reselling Service).

The only pieces left hanging in your wardrobe  are the ones that you feel good in and that fit with your style.


We can now determine where the focus needs to be in terms of replenishing , adding to or updating.

I will curate a list of pieces that need to be purchased to fill in the gaps to create that streamlined wardrobe.

This will then make it possible for you to put together brand new, stylish and sharp outfits that will maximise your wardrobe to suit your lifestyle.


Where possible, I will create new looks from your existing wardrobe that you may not have thought of and suggest pieces that will  help refresh and complement your current pieces.


On completion you will have a streamlined wardrobe that will inspire and equip you to make quick and easy outfit decisions at the start of each day so you can dress better for the life you live.

I will send you a lookbook of the outfits created from your wardrobe and the list of items I recommend you purchase to take make your wardrobe perform for you.


I definitely recommend following up the Wardrobe Edit with the Personal Shopping service or E-styling service.

If it is more convenient, I can offer my Style Concierge service whereby I will purchase the pieces on your shopping list and arrange for them to be delivered directly to you either at home or the office.

Contact The QS to book your Wardrobe Edit and discover how it can build your confidence, de-stress your life and save precious time each day.

Prices start from £195 for 3 hours and £60 per hour, thereafter


Ongoing service

I keep a confidential record of your profile so if you decide to employ my services in the future, I will already know your style, what works for you, your measurements, preferential brands, colours etc.  So, if you suddenly decide you need a new resortwear wardrobe, that special occasion outfit or a seasonal update….I am able to assist without the need for another face to face consultation.