Travelling for work or with family and friends comes with its own challenges.

Do you over pack which then exceeds the baggage limit holding you up at the check-in counter….. not the ideal way to start your trip! Then only wear a quarter of items you packed!

Or do you arrive at  your destination realising you do not have the right outfits for the activities planned so you are stuck scrambling around, wasting time and money looking for shops to buy the items you forgot to pack. All of the sudden, your work or holiday trip turns into a pricey and stressful nightmare.

Why hire the Quintessential Stylist for your packing needs?

Knowing the best way to pack a suitcase, what to take for your beauty and clothing needs, and how to do it takes away these travelling pressures.

It puts you in the right state of mind to enjoy your work or holiday trip. It allows you to be more present so you can accomplish the desired effect you hoped for from the trip, whether it’s for business or leisure.

How does this service unfold?


In the comfort of your home we will work through your trip schedule considering how your days will be spent and noting any specific dress codes or activities that may require certain items.


I will then create a capsule wardrobe (from your existing wardrobe) to incorporate a number looks so that you will feel more organised and relaxed at your destination.  If required, I will recommend pieces that you may need to purchase for your trip if not already in your wardrobe.


Each look will be photographed during our session and catalogued in to a digital lookbook which will be e-mailed to you after our session

Prices start from £200 for 3 hours (inc. digital lookbook) and £65 per hour, thereafter