The perfect gift for the man that has everything!

Do you have the same issue as me with the men in your life when it comes to Birthday’s and Christmas be it husband, boyfriend, brother, father, nephew, friend….the list goes on!

I have three brothers, an 18 year old son, father and partner who all give me the same answer when I ask that question:

‘Is there anything you would like or need for your Birthday/Christmas etc’

‘Oh, don’t worry I don’t need anything’ or ‘ just surprise me’

And my reaction as I’m sure is yours too….ahhhhh!!!!!!

So for my oldest brother’s Birthday I decided to create him a style mood board. My brother has wanted to update his wardrobe for a while now and so for his 44th Birthday a few weeks ago I created this mood board tailored to his lifestyle from casual, smart casual, work smart, work casual and sports casual as well as holiday.

My other two brothers take the **** out of him for wearing short sleeved patterned shirts and sandals….hence the Birkenstocks shown below that are very on trend at the moment….bringing his footwear into the modern fashion world.

He wanted a complete overhaul of his wardrobe so I concentrated on core colours which he can add other colours to going forward.  His core colours include navy, black, white, khaki, grey and cream.

All he has to do is click on the item of clothing he likes and this then links to the website page where he can make his purchase.

So if you are finding it hard to think of a gift for the men in your life why not get in contact with me and we can create a mood board whereby all they have to do is ‘click and buy’!  Simple!!

The QS x